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The Sardine Run dive experience is not actually about sardines – it is about the biggest collection of predators anywhere in the world, that follow and feed on the sardines, and us diving with all of this marine life on scuba and snorkel – that is what the Sardine Run dive experience is! To elaborate, we usually see at least 30 different humpback whales each day, super pods of dolphin that number anything from 50 – 5000, hundreds of shark, seals and other gamefish, and thousands of marine birds sometimes covering many square kilometres of ocean – and we dive and interact with all of these animals in a way that cannot be done anywhere else on earth

South Africa Sardine Run Adventure 8N Diving Package

Diving Information
Good for: Sardine Run, Humpback Whales, Dolphins, Sharks, Seals, gamefish and marine birds
Diving Season:

June and July are winter months on the Wild Coast and wet weather is possible

Depth: 5 > 20m
Visibility: 2 - 20 m
Currents: clam to strong
Surface conditions: Can be choppy
Water temperature: 15-21°C (Water) / 15-24°C (Air)
Experience level: Intermediate
Dive sites: Sardine Run
Practical Information
Electric Plug: 3 parallel flat prongs (American type)
Voltage: 220-240V

Scuba & Snorkel :

A lot of the time on the Sardine Run the animals are swimming faster than we divers are able – so we usually jump in on snorkel first, then when we find anything that is not moving fast (sardine baitball, humpback whale etc), we will scuba. This process begins as soon as we launch 07h15 and continues the entire diving day, which usually ends between 13h00 – 16h00, depending on the activity and how the guests are feeling, energy-wise.

We do have regular scuba customers that prefer to only snorkel because they enjoy the freedom of movement in the water. Anyone in the water can experience 100% of the magic of the Sardine Run on snorkel – scuba is just an added element to the experience.

Our goal is to make an extended scuba dive every day, though sometimes conditions and animal activity make snorkel the appropriate choice for the day.

Dive Sites There are no exact divesites on the Sardine Run – it is just open ocean. Each morning when the boats launch off the beach the hunt begins and can lead anywhere up to 45 kilometres north or south of our base at Mbotyi. What makes our team the industry leader is that we have our own microlight spotter plane which take off each morning and radios animal sightings and locations to our dive boats – and gives us the best chance of success for our guests.
Conditions :
Conditions will vary from glass-like seas to flying through giant rollers in pumping winds – very exciting and sometimes strenuous. Safety is always the priority when on the water and the SEAL skipper will navigate accordingly.
Equipments :

A 7mm wetsuit will most often suffice with booties, hoody, gloves and own equipments recommended.

Physical : The Sardine Run can be physically challenging and a base fitness level is recommended though not essential. The more fit the participant the more enjoyment of the experience.

Divers with pre-existing medical conditions must stipulate when signing the expedition waiver documents.
A full medical is recommended for divers with pre-existing health conditions.
Transfers : Guests are requested to arrive in Durban International Airport (KSIA) by no later than 12h00 on arrival date of the trip for the crew welcome and transfer down to Mbotyi River Lodge.

Guests are also requested not to schedule departure flights ex Durban (KSIA) earlier than 15h00 on departure date of their trip.
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