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【Dive with Xpert】Hottest Group Departure

30 Sep, 2017 This September, come and join with us to Bali and look for one of earth's most eclusive underwater creatures - Mola Mola - Andrew Yeung

01 Oct, 2017  Learn and get your 1st diving licence at P.G., Philippines with Xpert Diving Instructor - Jenice Chan

17 Oct, 2017 Let's dive into the sea of Bali with our Xpert Instructor - Jenice Chan. Advanced divers only.

27 Oct, 2017  Once-in-a-lifetime opportunities! To swim with hammerhead sharks, school of mobula rays,and sea lions at the Sea of Cortex, Mexico! - WIlson Yeung

30 Nov, 2017 explore the world #1 Muck Diving destination - Lembeh Strait in Indonesia with HKG Photographer Mr. John Ng 


【Diving Course Abroad】Get certified!

Become a PADI Diver to explore the beauty of underwater!

Our professional diving instructor will teach you the basic principles of scuba diving and have you develop basic scuba skills in a pool. When you’re ready, your underwater adventure at diving heaven like Puerto Galera, Dumagette, Cebu will begin!

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